วันจันทร์ที่ 25 ตุลาคม พ.ศ. 2553

BIFW 2010 Day 4 part3

Sunday 24, October

14.00 Dusk Til Dawn
16.00 Painkiller
18.00 Singha Life
19.30 Tube Gallery
20.30 FLYNOW

and then the next show belong to singha Life

Don't Fench me in

Singha Life, fashion brand by Singha Corporation, presents ready-to-wear outfits for men, together with accessories and bags, reflecting the Singha character through fashion to serve the exclusive lifestyle of the new generation. Singha Life men are stylish, free-spirited and individualized which is conveyed in Singha Life’s Spring/Summer 2011 collection to represent a city man’s lifestyle with a touch of post punk and Buffalo Boys subcultures.
Colours are classic tones in gray, black, blue and yellow. Every collection uses light natural fabric with emphasis on cotton comp, a stretchy, high-quality fabric. Singha Life guarantees it is the only brand to present these qualities at BIFW 2010. At this fashion presentation, Singha Life launches its first collection for women with a style dubbed Singha Life’s men’s girlfriend.

I think this collection is good for mix up too many styling whatever you want, You can look softy or look formal with the blazer. But keep it smart and fresh active with ready to wear.


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