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Casa Malaparte!!!

Hi Guys!!!
I leave the blog for a long time to working a final work of Design lol
That is called Casanuova Project !!!
This is about how to design from the Original House to the New House Design combine with ours concept keyword and design. Some kind like that :p
First of all, my team is featuring me , Nics , Hoonk , Onz , Boss and Guay.
6 members with 6 keywords to become 1 concept.
Wow I think is so fun and I will enjoy with it.
But it's not easy like that -*-
Anyways, Ours Original House is Casa Malaparte
this house is in Italy.

Original House

Our Model :p


step to the top !!
very detail - -*

The contour is so high.

Presentation Day.(I working till the sun rising all day all night T^T .
I wanna sleep so much but when I perform I pretending act like I'm Fresh.. but inside is not**** haha)

After finish the presentation the project is like renovation the original House.
6 keywords + character of original house to become the new one.

I Think (Thong) hahaha.
uhha 6 keywords we explore in to the one concept that is
Pixel is the system of point stay together and become the picture.
so this is the model concept that I design. U guys can see the development how to change.

that show about shade, shadow, and level.
and Pattern!!!
I really love pattern of everything. When I shopping I gonna looking for pattern design first.
U can see my T-shirt is pattern haha.
i'm not intend to wear it but... haha I still love it .
Anyways, I and my team do the hard work too much process and series of model.
Finallyyyyyyyyyyyy, We have the new house that is called
"Casa Malapixel"

This is Solid brick wall that we design but it can open to be open space.
some part of open is translucent material.

swimming pool. It's connect with the sea view.

this is library and living space that I take.
Library space.

living space in 3D. u can see the reflection of opening.

Finishhhh.. for set up model and preparing to present tomorrow.

Casa Marlapixel.

Presentation Days.
wow finish. yeahhh happy hehehehe ^^
I gonna step to third years in next term.
So excited.

What do u think guys ? U can comment me I will take it to improve myself.
and how about ur work? Pls, share it together ^^

Next time I will post a photo shoot of final model in studio.

bye bye guys.

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Andre’ Kim

Andre’ Kim
I don't know about him until now. Cos I got the ticket of his fashion Show
That called "
Andre' Kim Fashion Fantasia in Bangkok " This is the first time fashion show of Andre’ Kim in Thailand. This show very special Fashion show because this show presented by 6 Korean Super Stars (Idols) and 10 Korean Super Models with 10 Thai Super Models. But I'm not crazy about Korean Stars but I'm crazy about Wonder Girls hahaha. I think Sohee is so cute.*-* Oh!! come to the point about Andre' Kim :] The Andre' Kim's show in Thailand just to promote Thai silk from the Support Foundation of H.M. Queen Sirikit of Thailand. I think it so exciting I can't imagine when Thai silk VS Korean Designer. Anyways, I have some biology of Andre' Kim to let's u know him better.

In 1966 he became the first Korean to hold a fashion show in Paris. He would later go on to hold many other fashion shows in New York, Washington DC, Barcelona, Cairo, Sydney and Beijing.

Andre’ Kim : History
• U.S.A – San Francisco, Los Angeles, Baltimore, New York,Washington
• Hawaii – Honolulu
• Japan – Osaka, Fukushima
• Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur
• Indonesia – Jakarta
• Singapore
• France – Paris
• India – New Delhi
• Egypt – Cairo
• China – Beijing, Shanghai, Qingdao, Wuxi, HongKong
• Australia – Sydney Opera House
• Mongol Ulaan Baator

Andre’ Kim’s Style :
"Combine classical designs with futuristic elements"

Andre’ Kim : Honors
Chief designer of the 1981 Miss Universe beauty pageant
Italy's Cultural Merit Award, 1982
Presidential Culture & Art Medal, 1997
MBC Honorary Award, 2000
UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, 2003
Honorable Ambassador at GwanGju, 2004
Plaque of Appreciation from the Honolulu, Hawaii's Gov. Linda Lingle, 2006
Official fashion designer of Manhunt International, 2007

So this is the Korean stars to be model in this show.

Evan Yu

Jang Ji Woo

Jung Dong Jin

Lee Jun Ki

Kim Dong Gun

I'm never ever know anyone. haha
I wanna concentrate in the fashion of Kim.

If u guys wanna go to the show
u can check it out in this website

I wanna see u guys at this show :]
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