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I miss my blog !!!

Hey, Guys. Sorry for no update. I'm so busy too much of works right now. T^T
but I really miss my blog and all of you. I has plan to write many topic many pic that I capture for the blog is going to be here soon. See u during mid December.
I mis you All.

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Painkiller always have a nice nice gift. This is the gift that PK giving all fashionista who come to join the show at BIFW 2010.

What is inside ???

Can't wait to see !!!


Very nice accesseries I got Blue one.

And I got Black one too !! :)

I think I told you before don't miss the show and this is the very special gift from the PK show .
Many thanks to Painkiller !!! :)

วันจันทร์ที่ 25 ตุลาคม พ.ศ. 2553

Fashionista at BIFW 2010

BIFW 2010, Let's see the Fashionista wearing for this

Very sweet Auntie, She also join all show at BIFW I love her outfit. She is very good to express herself. She love fashion !!!

Techin, Designer and Fashion Blogger. love his Style.

Nissara Liptawattana , Dust Till Down Designer.

Warm Phutipat, Sony Artist wearing Chai,Headquater in trousers during the show.

Paul B Designer at Painkiller Show.

Me wearing the nude tone with Beautiful Dewi wearing a Blue Pastel color matching with the nude shoe. Good Combination during the Phuket Mermaids Show. Love her dress.

Neem Alisa Rumapuk, Denim on top in Day 4 of BIFW.

Formal Boy, very nice and good combination of color, I love his Style.

Kanyanat Wankhwan, at the BIFW DAY 4

Sex and the city, Right ?? :) very nice at Phuket Mermaids show.

P' Louis , Love his Shirt.

Lady Chanel.

Anek, Oops!!

Mark Khingpayom, at Phuket Mermaids Show.

Mr. Seth Ambulance wearing 27Nov.

and Painkiller T.T.

Ta Wong, wearing Q design and Play Tee.

Very nice girl, Looking soft and sweet.

Lipta, Performing at the Show. Cutto wearing Qdesign and Play in Cardigan.

The Designer Contestant.

Folk, Fashionista wearing Shirt by Sunshine,Headquater Shorts by Paul B Shoe by Maneesilp. at BIFW DAY 4

White out boy.

P' Addy looking Smart and Formal at Painkiller Show.

Very Nice Shoe.


Nude Nude girl.

Nice Dress, Rock and Glamous.

Denim Boy and Girl in black.

Dodo Fashion blogger, wearing Issue.

All nice girl. Fierce !!.

Petch and friends, at Tube Gallery Show.

Donate for Thailand flood with Pete Pol.

Ray be a model at Singha Life Show.

Mr. Ambulance and J'Tae before the Show.


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