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BIFW 2010 Day 4 part2

Sunday 24, October
14.00 Dusk Til Dawn
16.00 Painkiller
18.00 Singha Life
19.30 Tube Gallery
20.30 FLYNOW

The next show is Painkiller. This is the first show of Painkiller.

Designer Siriorn Teankaprasith
Painkiller, Azure the Autumn/Winter 2010-2011 Collection. For this collection Painkiller present the Azure monotone Collection . The palette consists of different shades of blue de France,Cobalt,Navy,Palatinate and Glacous ,with the Grey,Black,and white Color. The inspriation is came from the Ebony Horse that featured in One thousand and one night. The Show is run with the illustrate animation and come up with the nice music. I love this collection.

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