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Techo's Life

Nowaday,Technology become a Life of human. Wifi , 3G , or blah blah blah etc. Technology make human's life easy. I can say that once I forget my cellphone at home and leave to go to outside. I feel like I can't do my normal daily life. I can't connect with my friends. So I think right now people can't live without technology. Especially In term of architecture, since the industrial has changed. Technology develop much better. Architecture form can do in organic form. We use computer software help our to create and make it real by easily. And we use the technique to generate it and build it up.

Another one topic is the junkspace. from my perspective I realize that. Technology can make the order of human life but somehow it can create the junkspace even though we don't want to create it but it become together with technology that we import too. from the department store it become wth the air conditioning and big void is junkspace that we see. We all khow but we need it I think.

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Form and I

I'm sorry for this late because last week I'm sick and can't take time in computer.

In the Modernism Period the Architect is concentrate about form and forget the reference or reason of that. So the architecture is simulate the scene of form to be the space. I think it is a good idea to start something without condition.Sometime I don't need the reason to support the design. Just only experience it and try it.It's like the way to perceiving the another perception of idea. But mostly the reason is need to be support in the real.

I = WE from the lecture It's about how visualize of people see ourselves and how I see myself. It mean the way we see ourselves. It's seem like reflection of people as same as a mirror that rebound the fact of ourselves from other see. I like the word I=WE.

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The Metropolis Movie

This Movie is the silent movie that tell about the large city somewhere in the future.Adheres spatially and socially to a caste system. In this Movie can divide 2 type of human that is on the top is ruler of this highly industrialized city and at the bottom are workers without names, addressed by numbers instead. This movie is represented the difference of human life,the ruler and worker. Everyone is do the way to go to the Modernism according to nowadays. Modernism is become a top style that people think about. I can see from all around my self. I see the furniture, architecture or anything is get influence from the modern. the meterial that we use such as Plastics ,glass, concrete, aluminium and etc. that can represented the modernism. Form of the design that follow function to be the product .

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From the last lecture we learn continue from representation and then go to simulations. In my opinion the simulation is the thing to represent the thing that not real but simulated it to be real.
The simulation technique in nowadays is more develop and look similar at all sometime we can't divide what is real or simulated that we called the hypereality. such as the wig that I saw everyday many girls use this sometime I know who use wig but sometime I can't divide it. It's look like real hair. And the famous one is contact lens the girl will always change her color's eyes. I'm ok that make a girl looking good and more beautiful but sometime I think it look fake not beauty with natural.
From the movie "Borat" I think it very hyperality. Full of crazy life. Everything is create for making fun and entertain. It's simulated to be real but I think in the real world one of a million people who similar with borat. The good thing from the simulatation I think it can help me to trust it to be real but I know this is simulated. make me happy sometime.

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Language of ...

From the last lecture that I learn is about the language. In My opinion the language is the thing that people use it to communicate each other. Many language in this world but people can communicate and translate it to know what is mean. Such as Sign language that deaf people use to communicate. This language is develop from the body language and sign it to be language of them. So they can imagination what that mean.

About the normal people what we said it called the word. The word it have a meaning that up to what people imagine it to be what? It not completely the same. I agree with this because once when I was young I talk with my friend. I said " hey Yesterday I met Gam(Thai singer) in Siam Paragon. and then we talk about Gam too long but my friend thinking about Gam who is Miss Thailand 2008 not the singer that I mean. It's very fun haha. From this communication I agree. People can interpret and imagine different. Like I said the word can represent to other. so it become representation to representation.

representation of representation.

In term of Architecture, I think many architect like to design architecture to sign something to user. It's like the language I mean the word that people can imagine it and may be it can be many point of imagination so this is the representation of representation of architecture. up to you to imagine.

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Manufactured Landscape 2

From the last journal that I post is about the Manufactured Landscape movie. I just thinking about the effect of the manufactured process to the nature. But the last lecture from the class let me thinking about not only the manufactured landscape but also the non-manufactured landscape that we live in everyday life. Let look around urself. The nature is nature or the nature is we made. As we born we live with nature. The nature is around human. From my perspective the Manufactured Landscape is the landscape that effect from the process of manufacture but the non-manufactured landscape is the landscape that is real nature may be non-manufactured landscape is from effect of nature by nature such as Tsunami

this is natural disasters create a new landscape too. I think it can call non-manufactured landscape

So, I think the landscape may be effect from nature by nature or by human effect too.

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First of all , Hi my follower friend. I leave this blog for a long time. I really miss of you. Today I came back with the movie that I like to share with you. This is the "MANUFACTURED LANDSCAPES"

This movie is an award winning documentary film about the work of photographer Edward Burtynsky. It was directed by Jennifer Baichwa. If you never watch this movie you can see the trailer below.

I think this movie is interesting because this is the new thing in my life. In Thailand have a many factory but I never seen the large factory like this. Everyone working like a robot. You can see in this scene. such a bigggg Factory.

This movie let me thinking about human and natural. We live together with nature as we born.
Nature is very beautiful. Eventhrough the industry change a nature but it always beautiful but it change by destroy.

I accept the thing from this movie is " The manufactured can create a new landscapes" no matter what the manufactured didn't wanna create it. But it like manufactured give effect to the nature to become a new landscape.

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Casa Malaparte!!!

Hi Guys!!!
I leave the blog for a long time to working a final work of Design lol
That is called Casanuova Project !!!
This is about how to design from the Original House to the New House Design combine with ours concept keyword and design. Some kind like that :p
First of all, my team is featuring me , Nics , Hoonk , Onz , Boss and Guay.
6 members with 6 keywords to become 1 concept.
Wow I think is so fun and I will enjoy with it.
But it's not easy like that -*-
Anyways, Ours Original House is Casa Malaparte
this house is in Italy.

Original House

Our Model :p


step to the top !!
very detail - -*

The contour is so high.

Presentation Day.(I working till the sun rising all day all night T^T .
I wanna sleep so much but when I perform I pretending act like I'm Fresh.. but inside is not**** haha)

After finish the presentation the project is like renovation the original House.
6 keywords + character of original house to become the new one.

I Think (Thong) hahaha.
uhha 6 keywords we explore in to the one concept that is
Pixel is the system of point stay together and become the picture.
so this is the model concept that I design. U guys can see the development how to change.

that show about shade, shadow, and level.
and Pattern!!!
I really love pattern of everything. When I shopping I gonna looking for pattern design first.
U can see my T-shirt is pattern haha.
i'm not intend to wear it but... haha I still love it .
Anyways, I and my team do the hard work too much process and series of model.
Finallyyyyyyyyyyyy, We have the new house that is called
"Casa Malapixel"

This is Solid brick wall that we design but it can open to be open space.
some part of open is translucent material.

swimming pool. It's connect with the sea view.

this is library and living space that I take.
Library space.

living space in 3D. u can see the reflection of opening.

Finishhhh.. for set up model and preparing to present tomorrow.

Casa Marlapixel.

Presentation Days.
wow finish. yeahhh happy hehehehe ^^
I gonna step to third years in next term.
So excited.

What do u think guys ? U can comment me I will take it to improve myself.
and how about ur work? Pls, share it together ^^

Next time I will post a photo shoot of final model in studio.

bye bye guys.

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Andre’ Kim

Andre’ Kim
I don't know about him until now. Cos I got the ticket of his fashion Show
That called "
Andre' Kim Fashion Fantasia in Bangkok " This is the first time fashion show of Andre’ Kim in Thailand. This show very special Fashion show because this show presented by 6 Korean Super Stars (Idols) and 10 Korean Super Models with 10 Thai Super Models. But I'm not crazy about Korean Stars but I'm crazy about Wonder Girls hahaha. I think Sohee is so cute.*-* Oh!! come to the point about Andre' Kim :] The Andre' Kim's show in Thailand just to promote Thai silk from the Support Foundation of H.M. Queen Sirikit of Thailand. I think it so exciting I can't imagine when Thai silk VS Korean Designer. Anyways, I have some biology of Andre' Kim to let's u know him better.

In 1966 he became the first Korean to hold a fashion show in Paris. He would later go on to hold many other fashion shows in New York, Washington DC, Barcelona, Cairo, Sydney and Beijing.

Andre’ Kim : History
• U.S.A – San Francisco, Los Angeles, Baltimore, New York,Washington
• Hawaii – Honolulu
• Japan – Osaka, Fukushima
• Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur
• Indonesia – Jakarta
• Singapore
• France – Paris
• India – New Delhi
• Egypt – Cairo
• China – Beijing, Shanghai, Qingdao, Wuxi, HongKong
• Australia – Sydney Opera House
• Mongol Ulaan Baator

Andre’ Kim’s Style :
"Combine classical designs with futuristic elements"

Andre’ Kim : Honors
Chief designer of the 1981 Miss Universe beauty pageant
Italy's Cultural Merit Award, 1982
Presidential Culture & Art Medal, 1997
MBC Honorary Award, 2000
UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, 2003
Honorable Ambassador at GwanGju, 2004
Plaque of Appreciation from the Honolulu, Hawaii's Gov. Linda Lingle, 2006
Official fashion designer of Manhunt International, 2007

So this is the Korean stars to be model in this show.

Evan Yu

Jang Ji Woo

Jung Dong Jin

Lee Jun Ki

Kim Dong Gun

I'm never ever know anyone. haha
I wanna concentrate in the fashion of Kim.

If u guys wanna go to the show
u can check it out in this website

I wanna see u guys at this show :]

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Bye Bye Nicky

Yesterday is the day that I'm hurt so bad. Cause, My friend Nicky pass away.

At first time I knew.
Nothing to say ......
I pretending myself that is not real.

This is a sad moment of the valentine month.

Last night , around 5-6 am I'm dreaming to Nicky
In my dream I doing the model of design.
about diagram and in the same time
Nicky come to me
and said "ขอบคุณมากนะทุกคน ดุล เพลงที่เมิงจะให้กู กูคงไม่ไ้ด้ฟังแล้วหล่ะนะ เมิงฟังแล้วนึกถึงกูด้วยหล่ะ"
After that she disappear from my dream and I wake up.
I miss u but try not to cry.

One thing I wanna say to Nicky "U always in my memory forever"

and The hardest thing to do is say Bye Bye Nicky

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Waiting for something ?

I'm so bored when I waiting for something for a long time. It's seem like nothing happens. One thing I'm gonna do is waiting and waiting again. That is kinda boring. But the thing that I'm waiting is a positive like my imagination that's OK I'm feel good,but It's not like that!!!. It seem like nothing...

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Rin on the Rox

Wow.... 6 days ago I khow 2 girls from youtube
This is Rin on the Rox.
I think they are so amazing voice and perfect combination.
They begin the first clip in the bathroom and post it in youtube.
After that their clips is very famous and the most viewed in youtube.
One day Ellen annouce in her show about them and invited them to the show.
and give them the Grammyyyyyyyyy ticket.
I'm so envy.
Anyway, I love them so much and I will support them forever.


Broken Heart Girl (Beyonce)

I Hate this Part (PCD)

Miss Independent (Neyo)

We Belong together (Mariah)

This is my Favorite Clips but u can find another songs in the youtube

Pixel Design

My last project in studio class is how to renovate the house.
This project works in group. My key concept is "Network"
Anyway, I explore this key word to link with another.
Finally, I stick with the idea of "Pixel" that is so fascinating.
Cos, Pixel is the system of the many color point compose of picture
That is network.
So, Pixel become my inspiration about this project. Check out!

the meaning is up to ur mind.

Kloset Design

The last that I like the most.

Who is Alexandul ???

Who is Alexandul ???

This is me... I am Alexandul.
I live in Thailand.I am a student in the School of Architecture and Design.
I project to be the interior designer in one day.
Anyways,I interested about all design , music , fashion , cooking , healthy , or whatever.
So, I create this blog to be my house that call " House of Alexandul "
This house is everything about my own unique style.
If u love it , hate it or whatever. But Pls, enjoy with it.:))

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