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Issue : Look Book S/S 10

If u remember I ever talk about lemuria the lost land in my blog and now Issue Brand is keep it to be inspiration of this year spring/summer collection.

“LEMURIA – the lost continent in B.C.70,000”

Together we’ll travel through time to explore the legends and its mysteries of what was once known as LEMURIA or MU, a region that is believed to have vanished around 70,000 B.C.

Inspired by its mysteries and beauty, ISSUE Spring/Summer 2010 will take you to a journey and explore the inspirational artifacts, cultures and histories of the ancient civilization that once was lost…

The collection will reflect the ancient civilization by using the label’s signature, which is printing onto fabrics such as linen, chiffon, silk and jeans to display unique prints of Tahitian tribal tattoos, selected fabric with colorful stripes to produce yet another inspirational collection.

I have 3 part. Men's Collection. Women's Collection and Accessories.

Men's Collection.

Women's Collection.

and last one

For me, I know about the story of Lumuria. and some story is very interesting but issue is leave it but just some story be don't mind. Anyways, about the design and transfornation the way they tell the story to the collection it's really amazing. They always make a good show I really a big fan.

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