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ฺBIFW 2010 DAY 2

Friday 22, October
14.00 Yosawadee & Busardi presented by Giffarine Tenshi
16.00 Singha presents FASH by Srinakharinwirot University
18.00 Asava for Singha

19.30 Kunitar & Friends inspired by GSM advance

20.30 Theatre inspired by Citibank
I just got a ticket for FASH , Asava and Theatre at the BIFW and I move forward to see T-ra and AMAT at FAME by Central World
. The First Show is FASH by Srinakharinwirot University I don't take a camera at this show. For me I love the collection of Sasi Leepibul. the mens wears. Next Show is Asava Show by Polpat Asavaprapha, Maruwut Buranasilpin.

The Show during a very nice show with the collections. and then I move forward to see T-ra Show at Fame by Central World.

For me T-ra play with the technique of how to create a new shape of fabric is was very nice. create a Deconstruction of the pattern and come up with the flashing color. and the styling is really good with the street style. no hi heel any more. the girl can play it sofly but keep elegant.

And then I get back to BIFW for the Theatre Show.

Theatre run the show with Gene performance. It's live. About the collection I love the detail technique that always be theatre with the many detail. Theatre is Rock tonight. love.

This is me and my friend in the day 2 of BIFW
I wearing the simple look but keep up with the detail
Shirt from Qdesign andplay
Trousers from Greyhound.
and Painkiller brooch.

bye bye moving to Day 3 tomoorow.


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