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Q Design and Play : New Store.

Q Design my favorite brand is move to Siam Square under the Lido Theatre.So u can easy to visit them and get the new collection of the high quality product.I love the shirt and the london shoes !! check it out. It's limited. You just might get it.

Qdesign แบรนด์โปรดได้ย้ายร้านจากสวนลุมไนท์มาอยู่ที่ใต้โรงหนังลิโดแล้ว ชอบมากกกกเลย ย้ายมาสยามก้อดีนะ เวลาอยากมาง่ายมากเลย ตอนนี้มีคอลเลคชั่นใหม่อยู่ด้วย ลองมาดูได้ มีไซส์แค่หนึ่งตัวเท่านั้นรับรองว่าใส่แล้วไม่ซ้ำใครแน่นอน ดีจริงๆ

The shoe is very softly. i love it
รองเท้าดีมากเลย เราไปลองมาแล้ว อยากบอกว่านิ่มสุดๆ ข้างในบุด้วยอะไรไม่รู็นิ่มๆสองชั้น แล้วใส่จะดูสูงขึ้นอีกด้วย (ก้อสุงเเค่นี้ไม่พอหรอ) เพราะว่ามีส้น หนาเหมือนกันนะ มีหลายสี สั่งได้นะครับ
If you wanna have ur own u can order me or the direct link to QDesign or follow them on facebook

I have the Pastel Shirt from Q ไปแอบสอยมาตัวนึง ฮ่าๆ

Audrey Hepburn's Make over.

Audrey Hepburn, she is the one of glamorous lady. I love her look is really unique.
today I just making a fun project to make my friend to be Andrey Hepburn.

First of all is make up and hair. I just create a new hair not similar with Audrey but I think it's keep the look of her. and the dress is my mom evening gown and finally Andrey !!!!

My Audrey Hepbrun
I really love her. what do u think? leave a comment to me ?

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LOVEisGONE by PZ Grapher.

This is the first time that I work as a model :D....Oh my god It's very fun I love to post and act some crazy post haha but it's not easy like that to be the model I should know when I do it. I should understand what is the concept of this shoot. and feel it It's like a half drama act and half myself combinate it and I just post. At the shooting day we go to the Bang rak fire station, BKK Thailand that is the place for shooting and then I just change my costom yeah I am the model and also the stylish. I preparing the theme of the costom the accesseries and the hair style but no make up I can't do the make up I don't have a make up's skill. But Ok. I'm ready to shooting.
I'm very shy at the first post and then..... act... act... act ...hahaha I'm not shy anymore. Ohmmm. The shoot that I call " LOVEisGONE" the story is about a man who finding the love that leave him. but finally he still alone. "LOVE is GONE because YOU lost ME" That is the concept wow love it. Ok before to see the shoot I wanna thank Prince the photographer who choose me to get this opportunity to be model. and thank chat my friend. the helper. and last but not least my dad because this is the costom of him when he were young.

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