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From the last lecture we learn continue from representation and then go to simulations. In my opinion the simulation is the thing to represent the thing that not real but simulated it to be real.
The simulation technique in nowadays is more develop and look similar at all sometime we can't divide what is real or simulated that we called the hypereality. such as the wig that I saw everyday many girls use this sometime I know who use wig but sometime I can't divide it. It's look like real hair. And the famous one is contact lens the girl will always change her color's eyes. I'm ok that make a girl looking good and more beautiful but sometime I think it look fake not beauty with natural.
From the movie "Borat" I think it very hyperality. Full of crazy life. Everything is create for making fun and entertain. It's simulated to be real but I think in the real world one of a million people who similar with borat. The good thing from the simulatation I think it can help me to trust it to be real but I know this is simulated. make me happy sometime.

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Language of ...

From the last lecture that I learn is about the language. In My opinion the language is the thing that people use it to communicate each other. Many language in this world but people can communicate and translate it to know what is mean. Such as Sign language that deaf people use to communicate. This language is develop from the body language and sign it to be language of them. So they can imagination what that mean.

About the normal people what we said it called the word. The word it have a meaning that up to what people imagine it to be what? It not completely the same. I agree with this because once when I was young I talk with my friend. I said " hey Yesterday I met Gam(Thai singer) in Siam Paragon. and then we talk about Gam too long but my friend thinking about Gam who is Miss Thailand 2008 not the singer that I mean. It's very fun haha. From this communication I agree. People can interpret and imagine different. Like I said the word can represent to other. so it become representation to representation.

representation of representation.

In term of Architecture, I think many architect like to design architecture to sign something to user. It's like the language I mean the word that people can imagine it and may be it can be many point of imagination so this is the representation of representation of architecture. up to you to imagine.

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Manufactured Landscape 2

From the last journal that I post is about the Manufactured Landscape movie. I just thinking about the effect of the manufactured process to the nature. But the last lecture from the class let me thinking about not only the manufactured landscape but also the non-manufactured landscape that we live in everyday life. Let look around urself. The nature is nature or the nature is we made. As we born we live with nature. The nature is around human. From my perspective the Manufactured Landscape is the landscape that effect from the process of manufacture but the non-manufactured landscape is the landscape that is real nature may be non-manufactured landscape is from effect of nature by nature such as Tsunami

this is natural disasters create a new landscape too. I think it can call non-manufactured landscape

So, I think the landscape may be effect from nature by nature or by human effect too.

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First of all , Hi my follower friend. I leave this blog for a long time. I really miss of you. Today I came back with the movie that I like to share with you. This is the "MANUFACTURED LANDSCAPES"

This movie is an award winning documentary film about the work of photographer Edward Burtynsky. It was directed by Jennifer Baichwa. If you never watch this movie you can see the trailer below.

I think this movie is interesting because this is the new thing in my life. In Thailand have a many factory but I never seen the large factory like this. Everyone working like a robot. You can see in this scene. such a bigggg Factory.

This movie let me thinking about human and natural. We live together with nature as we born.
Nature is very beautiful. Eventhrough the industry change a nature but it always beautiful but it change by destroy.

I accept the thing from this movie is " The manufactured can create a new landscapes" no matter what the manufactured didn't wanna create it. But it like manufactured give effect to the nature to become a new landscape.

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