วันอังคารที่ 26 มกราคม พ.ศ. 2553

Sacred & Profane

This week's lecture is about sacred & profane. What I understand from in class is the both of words sacred & profane. is like have a two side of meaning depend on what u want it mean. It's not too good or too bad. For me, sacred is from what human do for god. but Profane is from what we use what we do for god in another way(wrong way or not I can't say that).

In term of architecture, human build the temple for keep the identity of the sacred when people pass the temple but they not come in side all Thai Buddist must respect to the temple that all they know inside it have a Buddha. So I think not only the temple that all thai respect sometime when human go to another place that not their own place they must respect what they didn't see. such as

the Unoccupied home. They must respect to the house that actually is nothing inside. They believe some scary inside and they believe they must respect to that. But another way I think this one giving a chance of profane. If someone didn't respect and want to prove they come inside and profane. I think profane in another way is not wrong way but in this case ir's like how prove that nothing in there.
Anyway, sacred & profane in term of everything it's still about the religion or believe something that not good way or bad way is depend on perpose. That for me.


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