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Abbeawwww !!!

เ เ อ๊ บ เ เ บ๊ ว

Nowaday I can see many Thai girl in the cyber world like to upload her photo acting like this that all Thai we called Abbaew. This act some Thai girl believe it’s looking beautiful , cute , young and charming.

The word Abbaew is come from Abnormal + บ้องแบ๊ว (cute) = Abbeaw. That mean abnormal cutie. Not only when her acting for take a photo but right now in her daily life. They have Items to make their always look abbeaw in every degree.

Eyes - Eyes is the door to open the heart

Contact lens and False eyelash – to make the sparkling eyes.

Hair extension and Wig - easy to change the hairstyles

Abbeaw Girls

From the Abbeaw Girls let me think about why they like to do like this ? all the Items can make her look beautiful better. The Items is simulated to make her. Even though is not real but in psychological terms that make the perfection. From my perception I think many girls is perfectionist. They try to reach the thing to complete their life. Jacqueline Mitchelson who is psychologist. He research about the perfectionist. He said “ Mostly Woman is the perfectionist more than a man

From the perfectionism let me think back to the perfectionism period. In south east asia build many kind of Grand palace and temple. Such as in Cambodia the king try to show the greater level and power to the perfectionism art. So this period have many kind of this palace. The pagoda is simulate to be the heaven. It’s like they believe this is heaven.

The many Architecture in this period is like a Items to take the king complete their life at that time. The Abbeaw Girls too they simulate the Item to take them to complete their life. From the old period and nowadays the king and Abbeaw Girls both of them are the perfectionist but the way they show is different.

I think the perfectionism is like the fulfill life. Human believe in religion to lead them in the lifetime. Human like to have technology to make life easily. Human like to have a complete stunning and then they go the surgery. Human like to have everything to complete their life. And I think everyone is perfectionism because of in this world is nobody perfect.

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tlowe กล่าวว่า...

what is perfection? who decides what is perfect? what happens if you transgress perfection and actually succeed in doing something truly horrible? Saying something is perfect entails an implied rubric that tells you what is good and what is bad, what is worse and what is better. If you are analyzing perceptions of perfection, then you need to analyze the assumptions behind perfection. How is a notion of perfection constructed? You could do this analysis with the ab eew girls: what do the round eyes signify? what are they referencing? what notion of femininity is being promoted?

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