วันอังคารที่ 2 กุมภาพันธ์ พ.ศ. 2553

Psychogeographical Map

For me , My mapping is once in my life I take trip to go to Rajaphat Bannsomdej University
and the way to go the university is pass the Isarapap Road that have something make me realize
and along this road my perception have obstruct by the row house along the road mostly is open to be the salon.
from the crossroad to the university I start to count all the salon the both side. All over that I can count. It have 53 salons Mostly is the same brand that is Ravai salon. u can see this mapping.

You can click it to see the detail. That along the both side obstruct me why it open too much of branch. I realize and from my perception I think this is the way that the owner of the salon want to do. They expand their shop in horizontal. I think that benefit in term of commercial. People can see the shop along the road and interesting like me that I think it better than expand in the vertical line. And when I come to this road I feel like this is the haircut city. I think it feel different with another road.

The way to expand the shop is like a banana tree that grown up by have a new tree beside.
The benefit is another tree cannot grow up that it like the Ravai salon use this way to prohibit another brand to grow up in the city of Ravai. No competition. If one day they some branch but they have another branch to supported user. It like the tree if one day some tree is dead but the tree have another tree to grown up and expand.


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