วันอังคารที่ 24 พฤศจิกายน พ.ศ. 2552

Language of ...

From the last lecture that I learn is about the language. In My opinion the language is the thing that people use it to communicate each other. Many language in this world but people can communicate and translate it to know what is mean. Such as Sign language that deaf people use to communicate. This language is develop from the body language and sign it to be language of them. So they can imagination what that mean.

About the normal people what we said it called the word. The word it have a meaning that up to what people imagine it to be what? It not completely the same. I agree with this because once when I was young I talk with my friend. I said " hey Yesterday I met Gam(Thai singer) in Siam Paragon. and then we talk about Gam too long but my friend thinking about Gam who is Miss Thailand 2008 not the singer that I mean. It's very fun haha. From this communication I agree. People can interpret and imagine different. Like I said the word can represent to other. so it become representation to representation.

representation of representation.

In term of Architecture, I think many architect like to design architecture to sign something to user. It's like the language I mean the word that people can imagine it and may be it can be many point of imagination so this is the representation of representation of architecture. up to you to imagine.


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