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Rin on the Rox

Wow.... 6 days ago I khow 2 girls from youtube
This is Rin on the Rox.
I think they are so amazing voice and perfect combination.
They begin the first clip in the bathroom and post it in youtube.
After that their clips is very famous and the most viewed in youtube.
One day Ellen annouce in her show about them and invited them to the show.
and give them the Grammyyyyyyyyy ticket.
I'm so envy.
Anyway, I love them so much and I will support them forever.


Broken Heart Girl (Beyonce)

I Hate this Part (PCD)

Miss Independent (Neyo)

We Belong together (Mariah)

This is my Favorite Clips but u can find another songs in the youtube

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อิอิ ยังไม่ได้อ่านเรยอ่า

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ชอบคนดำๆอ่ะ ดูมีเสน่ห์ดี เริ่ด

techinkraikhajornkitti กล่าวว่า...

They're so charming .... love it..

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