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First of all , Hi my follower friend. I leave this blog for a long time. I really miss of you. Today I came back with the movie that I like to share with you. This is the "MANUFACTURED LANDSCAPES"

This movie is an award winning documentary film about the work of photographer Edward Burtynsky. It was directed by Jennifer Baichwa. If you never watch this movie you can see the trailer below.

I think this movie is interesting because this is the new thing in my life. In Thailand have a many factory but I never seen the large factory like this. Everyone working like a robot. You can see in this scene. such a bigggg Factory.

This movie let me thinking about human and natural. We live together with nature as we born.
Nature is very beautiful. Eventhrough the industry change a nature but it always beautiful but it change by destroy.

I accept the thing from this movie is " The manufactured can create a new landscapes" no matter what the manufactured didn't wanna create it. But it like manufactured give effect to the nature to become a new landscape.

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