วันจันทร์ที่ 25 เมษายน พ.ศ. 2554

Big Asian Fashion Event in Singapore.

For my perception about fashion, I have interesting about fashion since I was young.I was join the international fashion show in my country including Bangkok International Week, Elle Fashion Week, BIFF&BIL and also the many fashion event in Thailand since 2008. I think for more my experience that giving me well known about fashion in my country and I think all of thai fashion is growing up with a good way to go. So now I know the Asian Big four fashion events that is happening in Singapore.

So this is the big event in Asia that I think is will giving me know about the other country in Asia. This event will giving me perceive the passion of asia how we are right now. My blog become the fashion blog and become famous in Thai fasionista. I has write about my passion about fashion and also update the new event that I always join and giving the review. the new collection of the season and model. and also report the new trend.

If i have a chance to go there. It's going to be amazing for me and I will remember this good experience that I wishes. and memorize in my blog to let other perceive the good experience in Big Asian Fashion Event in Singapore.


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