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ANTI UTOPIA,The men's tailoring brand by Nuttapol Suchato unveiled “Go Wander With Me” the introductory officially collection. It had been influenced by the New York ambience coalescing with the New Yorker culture. Revolving to be the menswear under “Casual Elegance” concept represents the edgy, clean ,and simplicity but voguish and constantly wearable likewise, via twisting the men masterly pieces with the elements from vintage clothing.

Go Wander With Me” collection was divulged as the slenderize silhouette for comfortably wearing via the masterly tailor-making procedure with using the finest cotton in men basic palettes as white, black, grey and baby blue. Accessorized with the diminutive designs as the multi layering collars, satin trimming, and using the fabric covered button, being the brand identity.

For the collection, the Acrylic Bow-Tie, Knitted Blossom Brooch, Crystal Whirls Pin and Reducing Tie are the mainly accompanying pieces cultivated from the men fundamental accessories, including the prevalent uniqueness to accomplish man’s desideratum and emphasize the brand's philosophy to be more distinguishable.

I know the Anti utopia in last year. This collection is very nice for me. I love the concept. It's good for man to wear in daily life and It can make the elegance look. The hi-light is the Acrylic Bow-tie that is basically item for man but designer giving in the detail of it That's very cool and make you outstanding in ur day with this item.:)
If you wanna have your own. Check it out!! That locate on the third floor of Siam Center in Mathematics.


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