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Dotlineplane Experience !!!

Wow !!! I'm so Lucky cos this summer I got opportunities to get internship in Dotlineplane Architecture and interior conceptual company

that located on RCA. It's far away from my home but I don't mind that so ok. It's not a problem for me. Dotlineplane is also the same owner of Painkiller (men brand) I also know it from piankiller I met P'Mo here and ask him to let me to get internship. He is the talented person for me. He do many projects. Wow I wishes I wanna become like him in one day.

This is facade of the office here.

wow let come inside here.

This is the artwork that I guess the graphic is the concept of their brand and logo.

this is the cabinet of design source I will read it too much as I can.

Where is mine ???? my space is located on the green one. Can u see that ?

This is the half floor above that place for the department P'Fun and P'Boy .

And the last one is the relaxing area here. a painting is so emotional.

I really happy to be here and I wishs my skill will develop more and more. thank you dotlineplane for giving me an opportunities. I'm so lucky !!! Wow

credit pic from P'Mo.

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Gabbie กล่าวว่า...

i like this !!!
the office seems very peaceful

congratulation !!!!
keep do your best muah muah

ambulance outfitters กล่าวว่า...

office มีห้องนอนด้วยหรอนี่

Alexandul - Abdulnasris กล่าวว่า...

daybed ๆๆ ไม่ช่ายเตียงนอนเน้อ ฮ่าๆ

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